Experience the versatility and comprehensive facilities at the 盐湖研究 and Training Center (PRTC), where you can host a variety of events or training sessions.  At PRTC, we offer unique environments and infrastructure to meet a wide range of needs, whether you're planning a technical training session, a community-focused event, or 大规模演习.



The Playas研究和训练中心 (PRTC), situated in Hidalgo County, was once a company town with about 1,500 residents, home to employees of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, 哪家公司在附近经营一家铜冶炼厂. 当菲尔普斯·道奇关闭熔炼厂的时候 1999年,该镇的人口减少到只有几个家庭. 2004年,ag亚游集团App下载 (NMT) acquired the town and founded the PRTC, primarily to provide a training venue 用于急救人员和反恐活动. 自2018年以来,NMT已经扩大 the center's focus to include research into critical infrastructure and the Internet 物联网,以及非动力学领域训练.



PRTC now caters to a wide range of government and private sector clients, both domestically and internationally, who need a controlled environment for realistic testing and training 场景. It offers a unique and adaptable platform with a comprehensive range of facilities, allowing clients to refine and validate their tactics, techniques, and 程序.



Playas encompasses a 640-acre township with over 300 homes and buildings, including a classroom complex, a community center, and a convention center. 该设施提供 a vast operational space, with 400,000 acres within and surrounding the town. 这 expansive area includes high mountain desert, rural and Middle Eastern-themed test and training venues, as well as live-fire and driving ranges, plus a four-square-mile 爆炸范围.

The facility features five classrooms—three small and two large—along with a control room and a command room, all equipped with high-speed internet connectivity. 支持 connectivity throughout the town, 17 miles of new fiber optic lines have been installed.

For accommodation, the facility offers 58 three-bedroom/two-bath ranch-style houses and 11 one-bedroom/one-bath apartments, all available for rent. 每个出租单位 fully furnished, with a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry room featuring a washer 和烘干机,并根据GSA政府费率定价. 主要的信用卡有 适用于房屋租赁.

The facility's amenities include a shooting range and a comprehensive driving range designed to simulate challenging terrains with water traps, boulder and log obstruction fields, and incline and slant hazards for ATVs and off-road vehicles. 此外, the onsite airstrip supports small aircraft, providing convenient access and serving 作为潜在的培训基地.



The Playas facility offers a versatile training environment designed to support a 执法活动范围. 某些领域是专门为法律量身定做的 enforcement training, with houses and settings arranged to meet client needs. 这 suburban environment has been used for 场景 like hostage situations, explosive breaches, counter-terrorism 练习, search and seizure, tracking, evasive driving, 交通停车培训. 我们有能力创造和适应训练场景 to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring realistic and effective training 经历.



The Playas facility is designed to accommodate a wide range of military and security 练习. Whether for search and rescue, high-value target tracking, or flag-level exercise support, the environment offers comprehensive support. 团队可以练习 air jumps and night infiltration, with designated areas for helicopter landings. 炸药 and pyrotechnics are permitted, allowing you to create realistic battlefield conditions 培训. If you have a scenario in mind, Playas is likely to have the resources 和环境,使它的生活.



The live-fire weapons training complex at Playas offers a comprehensive set of facilities 用于步枪和手枪训练. 它包括一个具有射击功能的大功率步枪靶场 distance of up to 1,200 yards, complete with target butts that support .50 BMG半自动 或者栓动步枪. 还有一个60英尺的远程步枪靶场 tower featuring multiple levels and shooting ports, a 300-yard rifle range, two 100-yard 步枪靶场和25码手枪靶场.

These facilities provide a diverse range of training 场景 and possibilities. The objective is to engage participants in a sensory-rich environment that requires knowledge, quick decision-making, and situational awareness, providing ample opportunities 练习和提高战术技巧和反应.



PRTC offers an academically driven, responsive, and reconfigurable research and training 环境设计模拟复杂的战斗条件. 这个设置可以支持 simultaneous operations across multiple services, allowing for joint and coalition 信息支配训练. 通过整合网络和动态元素,环境 enables comprehensive training 场景 that reflect real-world challenges, preparing participants for the demands of modern warfare and security operations.



The Playas研究和训练中心 (PRTC) provides a unique setting for a diverse 一系列研究项目. 从探索电磁波谱到气候 studies and explosive testing, the center offers facilities and environments suitable 用于广泛的科学研究. 其占地广阔,用途广泛 infrastructure make it ideal for fieldwork, allowing researchers to conduct studies and experiments in conditions that are either real conditions or closely resemble 真实的场景.



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